Skill Development

CSIR-NML Skill Training Program

Total participants: 99

Five skill training programs were organized, mainly targeting entrepreneurs, artisans and skilled workers:

# Title of the training Sponsored by When conducted No of participants
1 Training on Electroplating Foundation for MSME, Kolkata 11th & 12th September 2017 8
2 A Train the Trainers (TTT) program on E-waste Deconstruction (EWD 2018) CSIR Integrated Skill Training Initiative February 27-28, 2018 22
3 Entrepreneurship Development Program on Skill Training on Energy efficient Brass melting furnace for Production of Brass artifacts (EEF 2018) National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) 8-9th March 2018 35
4 Skill Training on Energy efficient Brass melting furnace for Production of Brass artifacts (EEF 2018-Balasore) CSIR Integrated Skill Training Initiative 21-22 March 2018 20
5 Technopreneurship-How to start a Tech Company (TECE 2018) CSIR Integrated Skill Training Initiative 27-28th March 2018 14

Technology Awareness, Technology Assessment & Outreach Program

Total participants: 110

Title of the Program Sponsored by Dates No of participants
Technology awareness and outreach program on Ni/Zn Electroplating at Howrah cluster Foundation for MSME 31st August 2017 25
Technology assessment of traditional brass melting for making vessels by the artisans of Bali village of Goghat Block of Hooghly district in West Bengal Foundation for MSME 1st Sept 2017 15
Technology awareness Technopreneurship at Adityapur CSIR-NML Organized by CII-Young Indians 1st February 2018 30
* Pitching sessions on Technopreneurship at CSIR-NML (3 Nos) CSIR-NML i. 22 Sept 2017
ii. 27 Oct 2017
iii. 24 November 2017

* The three pitching sessions on "Technopreneurship" were organized at CSIR-NML In order to promote CSIR-NML technologies and for creating an open platform for interaction with R & D and industry professionals, aspirants interested to establish entrepreneurial ventures and students.

CSIR-NML's Women Welfare

Each One Teach One (EOTO) training program

The program aims

  • To ensure all women employees (permanent, temporary, contract) are literate
  • To offer computer training to women who have passed STD X
  • To create an environment of sisterhood

The Training is offered on a one to one basis and comprises of:

  • Basic Literacy training for women who cannot write their names, addresses, contact information
  • Basic Computer Literacy for the women who have completed minimum STD X.

Currently, Twelve NML women employees are benefitting from this program through personal education and guidance based on their respective levels of education and understanding.