Project Planning and Engineering Group

The Group is involved in prototype design and development,  consultancy and research in welding, mechanical design, Computation modeling & simulation of metallurgical processes & pilot plants, and technology scale-up for R&D pilot plantoperations including the preparation of detailed project report.

  • 1. Prototype Design and Development
    2. Mechanical Design & Simulation
            • Conceptual Design/Schematic Layout
            • Computational Fluid DynamicsModeling
            • Finite Element Analysis simulation
            • Product Design verification
    3. Technology Scale-up for R&D pilot plant operations
            • Detailed Project Report
            • Basic Engineering Package
            • Pilot Plant Operation and Technology Incubation
    4. Skill Development& Training (Graduate/Diploma/ITI)
           • Welder training according to requirement of industry
           • Appraisal & Certification of welders
    5. Fabrication at Central Workshop
    6. Consultancy and research in the area of welding
          • Weld fabrication quality assurance according to international codes like ISO 3834
          • Welding procedure specifications on weldability assessment
          • Welding consumable testing according tostandard codes
          • Failure analysis of weldments
          • Consultancy on repair welding of critical components
          • Consultancy for new welding laboratory establishment
          • Structural health assessment and residual life assessment of weldments
    7. Critical Infrastructure Development
         • Pilot plant & special purpose buildings
         • Maintenance & Overhauling
Group Head