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The Division is actively involved in fundamental research, providing technical services to various industrial needs, solving industrial problems as well as developing new technology or product for commercial exploitation. The research activities are broadly categorized asFacets of iron making and steel making

  1. Facets of iron making and steel making
  2. Harnessing of Secondary and lean grade resourcesHarnessing of Secondary and lean grade resources
  3. Valorization of wastesValorization of wastes
  4. Coal CharacterisationCoal Characterisation

Iron making and steel making includes innovation in agglomeration of iron ore fines and ferruginous wastes, alternate routes for production of direct reduced iron and quality improvement in ferroalloys. Harnessing of secondary and lean grade resources comprises of extraction of non ferrous metal values and extraction strategic as well as rare earth metals.  Valorization of wastes involves value addition/extraction from all types of industrial wastes. The division is fully equipped for chemical characterization of raw materials and products as well as chemical and structural characterization of coal.

Major Research areas in Metal Extraction and Recycling Division at CSIR-NML are:

Ferrous Processing


Ferrous Processing Group involves with all the ferrous extraction related area such as raw materials preparation and their characterization, iron making through conventional and alternate routes, steel making, reduction smelting, ferro-alloy making etc.

Non-Ferrous Processing


The Non-ferrous Process Group (NFP Group) is primarily involved in research and development activities on the extraction of non-ferrous metals from primary and secondary resources.

Secondary and Resource Utilisation


 The Secondary & Resource Utilization Group is a multidisciplinary group providing practical, economical and technically innovative solution for mineral, metallurgical and other industrial secondaries/wastes.

Analytical Chemistry


Analytical Chemistry Group of the laboratory is a fully equipped chemical laboratory with state of the art instruments needed for ascertaining the chemistry of the metallurgical products. The ANC group contributes in assessing the processes and product being developed by way of furnishing chemical analysis.


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